About Us

Our Story, Our Philosophie

Philosophie is founded by two moms in Heidelberg, Germany. Our goal has always been to create sustainable, comfortable, timeless basics with a touch of fun - clothing that makes kids look and feel good. We make clothes that we want our kids and our friends' kids to wear. Simple as that.

A better product

We believe in the importance of letting kids be kids. And we also know that basics don't have to be boring. Hence, our clothings come with a FUN element - our cool, happy patches that let your kids put a personal touch to their outfit, and express themselves with confidence. It’s perfect for the creative kids who love to pick out their own clothes and dance to their own beat. We want kids to define their own style, build their own personality and be the greatest version of themselves. With our clothings, kids can add a patch of their favorite characters, sports, food and many more! The best part is, these patches are so easy to put on and off, your kids can switch the patches anytime, every day! 

A better investment

At PHILOSOPHIE, we believe in Wear Longer, Waste Less. Our timeless basics are super soft, comfortable, gender-neutral and yet never go out of style. It's clothes designed to make kids look great and feel even better. Our clothes are also crafted to be durable so they can be worn longer and passed along from child to child. With our fun concept where kids could change the patch on their clothes effortlessly, parents do not need to buy different shirts with different motives for their kids. Think how much storage space you can save! That also means you buy less, we make less and the planet wins!

A better future

We believe we can create a better future for our next generations by putting fair wages above profits, sustainability above mass production, quality craftsmanship above mindless consumption and transparency above everything. Our organic garments are responsibly manufactured in Bangladesh and the final touches such as labels, designs and prints are assembled in Germany, in small batches. Our patches are 100% made in Germany. So you can shop freely, knowing that each piece has been ethically, sustainably and expertly handcrafted with love. It's clothes, made better and kinder to people and the planet.

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